GSoC week-12

This is the twelfth week of GSoc 2018


This week I have implemented new features and stats for tanner-web: (merged)


  • Mushorg logo in the index-page.
  • Snares button in the index-page.
  • Home and Doc and button on top right corner of every page


  • Latest session ​info in index-page.
  • Number of snares info in index-page.
  • Changed ‘attack_types’ to ‘attacks’ in session info. This will now show the count of every attack types.
  • New identity ‘admin’ for the info ‘Possible Owners’ of session-stats
  • Moved location to filters

Also I implemented the following fix:

  • Fix for ‘status_404’ with request containing prefixed protocol. (merged)

With this the GSoC 2018 journey ends here. It was a great experience, learnt a lot of things from my mentor and ofcourse a lot of fun! :”)

My complete work product submission of GSoC 2018 can be found here.

Written on August 5, 2018